Three Hands Round

Exhibit Dates: June 7 – July 7, 2024 |

Opening Reception: June 8, 4-6 p.m. |

Artist Talk: June 9, 2 p.m. |

Three Hands Round is a showcase of the work of Mary Ann Nailos, Amy C. Nelson, and Sherri Lipman McCauley. In a creative departure from their normal methods of work, they challenged each other to create the start of an art quilt, hand it to another member for modification, the pass it to the third person, and finally back to the original member for finishing touches.

Sherri Lipman McCauleyMy art is an expression of my experiences with the people and world around me. Bright colors tend to excite me, as well as geometry and asymmetry. I typically work in the moment, working with paints and dyes on fabric. Serendipity is a word that comes to mind when describing my abstract fiber art.

Sherri brings her life experiences together in the creation of her artwork. She first received a sewing machine for her sixteenth birthday. She is educated as a teacher, trained as a programmer, and has emerged as an artist creating serendipitous fiber designs. She believes in giving back to the art community and has donated time and artwork for fundraising causes to a variety of art organizations.

Mary Ann Nailos – When I was a senior in high school studying the poem Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats, my teacher brought in one of his treasures, a piece of Pre-Columbian pottery, and on the bottom of the pot was a thumb print. That was my “Aha” moment. I felt an immediate connection with that long gone potter. To that end, one of the things I find essential to my work, or work that speaks to me, is the hand of the maker. That is why I chose to work in both ceramics and textiles. Each require a degree of touch in the making of the art. I hope my work resonates with the viewer and makes a connection – like I felt with that ancient potter.

Mary Ann is a mixed media artist specializing in ceramic and textiles. She has a degree in Biology, with a minor in studio art from Nazareth College in upstate NY. She attended SUNY Geneseo and learned to dye her own fibers. After she began making quilts in 2010, learning basics from classes and art quilt/surface design-oriented workshops, she enrolled in Jane Dunnewold’s Art Cloth Mastery Program, a 2 1/2-year commitment completed in 2018.

Amy C. Nelson – I am a mixed media artist working in fiber, paint, and paper, producing mixed media art quilts, and occasionally art dolls, books, journals, collage, and anything else that catches my interest. I LOVE color. I dye any natural fiber and love exploring new color ways. I love the challenge of figuring out how to match hard to find colors. AnLiNa is my Chinese name – given to me by coworkers when I spent several months in China for my day job.

Amy is the co-founder and co-creator of the Stretching Art and Tradition fiber art challenge, first exhibited at the Quilters Heritage Celebration in 1998 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Amy has exhibited in the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza, the Austin Fiber Artist Exhibits at the Copper Shade Tree Gallery in Round Top, and Images of Austin in Austin, TX, and is currently exhibited in multiple Mancuso shows.

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