Linear Dimensions & Lines of Time

Exhibit Dates: May 3 – June 2, 2024 |

Opening Reception: May 4, 4-6 p.m. |

Artist Talk: May 5, 2 p.m. |

Much of my sculpture has linear structure. This is both a result of the materials I select to use, and my inclination toward linear forms which probably grew out of my love for drawing. The reclaimed wood is mostly scrap from cabinet shops, and much of the metal is salvaged from recycling bins. I am a tree-hugger, and firmly believe in using our resources to the fullest extent possible.

Another body of work which I consider important to include in this exhibition is my endangered species series. My concern for the dwindling resources in our natural world has led me to raise consciousness in this realm. I watch many documentaries about the natural world; many people are animal lovers, and are fascinated by the creatures therein. It seems that, unfortunately, I could work on this for a long time, as different species are continually added to this list. These creatures populate the Lines of Time. Their continued existence is dependent on us. My small sculptures are created on a scale so as to be a reminder: we must treat these creatures as precious in our hands.

Laura Sturtz is a versatile artist creating work in both 3D and 2D.  Currently she explores both geometric and organic forms in her artwork primarily in metals and wood.   Additionally, she spent 10+ years almost exclusively creating in ceramic. 

She enjoys being challenged by processes in exploring various media.  Working with recycled/reclaimed materials whenever possible presents limitations, but also opens possibilities. Both wood and metal present interesting challenges in joinery, form, and finishing issues. 

Having participated in numerous juried national and regional exhibitions, her work is in many national and international private collections. Currently, she simultaneously works on at least two different bodies of work.  She says that with so many options, life is too short to simply focus on one area to the exclusion of all else. 

Laura returned to school as an ‘older’ student at Texas State University and received a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) with a concentration in studio art.  Subsequently, she enjoyed teaching studio art classes as an adjunct at Austin Community College for 14 years.  This included drawing, life drawing, 2 & 3D design, and sculpture classes.  She also taught classes and workshops at the Art School of Austin Museum of Art for six years.


Exhibit Underwriter: Georgetown Art Works